A Flower is a Lovesome Thing/Notables of Note

The catalogue for the 2011 exhibitions A Flower is a Lovesome Thing and Notables of Notes at Leica Gallery

“Much of Moutoussamy-Ashe’s interest lies in breaking up space and focusing on form in relation to texture or color as opposed to formulating a narrative.” —Dr. Petra Richterova, curator of the accompanying exhibition in the A Flower is a Lovesome Thing catalogue

A Flower is a Lovesome Thing/Notables of Note was published in 2011 as a companion catalogue for the eponymous exhibition by Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe at Leica Gallery, New York. Divided into two sections that meet in the middle, A Flower is a Lovesome Thing runs 27 pages and includes 39 images interspersed with famous quotations and proverbs about flowers as well as excerpted commentary about the exhibition from curator Petra Richterova.

Rose in Dahlia's, New York, NY 2010

Notables of Note, which includes images of famous people or esteemed figures that Moutoussamy-Ashe has shot throughout her career ranging from photographer Gordon Parks to former U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan to rock musician Mick Jagger. Across 25 pages it features 29 plates along with an artist’s statement and a letter from Leica Camera President Roger Horn.

You can purchase A Flower is a Lovesome Thing/Notables of Note here.

“Considering the various personas that they present in varying arenas–or at home or in the game–it is fascinating to look at these photos and consider what they represent as a celebrity vs. what is actually revealed about the individual in the image.” —Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe in the Artist’s Statement.

Man in kitchen

Moutoussamy-Ashe explains her motivation for exploring flowers in her photography in the artist’s statement for A Flower, saying that, “Inspired by the music of [Billy] Strayhorn, I have found my connection between flowers, culture and humanity. It was never fully revealed for me until the past ten years, which came about as a culmination of time and experiences in my life. I have begun to explore the culture of flowers and their indelible ability to bring harmony, energy, love, memory and joy to humankind.”